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This book shows you the science of Business Credit and how to master it.


About A. Donahue Baker

Business Credit is key component of the roadmap to Generational Wealth

A. Donahue Baker Co-Founder of the Fintech startup, MoneyAve.com has always believed in helping others to accomplish their life goals and achieve generational wealth in the process.  Donahue has created generational wealth for his family through business ventures and buy & hold real estate but understands that his value is building networks and connecting people to wealth building opportunities that are not always apparent to the individuals themselves.  Known as a nationally recognized author and speaker, Donahue is constantly adding value to the lives of people that engage with him.

Featured in:

Start Your Business

The power of an LLC is realized via Business Credit

Get Funding

The right way to get funding is not using your personal credit

This book shows you the science of Business Credit and how to master it.

Purchase Real Estate

You can get millions of dollars in business credit to get real estate

Become a Millionaire

Using business credit you too can use leverage to create wealth

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Become a Master of Business Credit

Customers reviews

Wow!!!! If you are looking for the straight forward no fluff blueprint for building generational wealth, this is a must read. From the Introduction to the Conclusion there are nothing but nuggets to help one build a lifestyle that eliminates struggle from the equation.
Kimberly W.
Speaking truth to power. In this age of “gurus”, it’s refreshing to meet a true “doru”. Since meeting A. Donahue Baker in ATL in February, my mindset has shifted. I am eternally greatful for the spark he started through his focus on generational wealth. I’ll continue to pay it forward.
Loren B.
Excellent motivational and educational book..kept me wanting to know more! Straight to the point hits all the important facts. Mindset is the first step. This key information took away my fear and has motivated me to step out and chase my dreams of building generational wealth
Sherrice P.


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